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PODCAST: Episode 3 – Hikertrash

Why do so many hikers embrace the term Hikertrash? Erin and Carl Miller (Hummingbird and Bearclaw) discuss Erin’s book, Hikertrash: Life on the Pacific Crest Trail. Renee “She-ra” Patrick talks about her clothing company, Hikertrash. Kolby “Condor” Kirk explains how there is more than one way to hike. (released March 2015)



Daniel Hepokoski, Twelve Feet Up | Trailside Radio

Top Books Of 2015 | Hikertrash: Life On The Pacific Crest Trail

Local author Miller hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with her husband in 2013. Forget the treacly back-story of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild. No lost boots or bra dilemmas here either. Written as a day-by-day trail journal, Hikertrash tells the story of what life is really like on the trail: the good, the bad, ‘bandage boogers’ and all.


Tom Beans, Duley's Bookshop Cafe,

As much as I try to convince you all that you’re planning too much for the Pacific Crest Trail, I know that the real reason you’re “planning” is because you’re excited for your adventure and the planning stage can be an exciting undertaking in itself (however unnecessary it may be).

Well, instead of planning you could try reading a fantastically detailed account of Erin Miller’s Pacific Crest Trail journey.

Her book, Hikertrash: Life on the Pacific Crest Trail, offers an in-depth look at what really goes into a PCT thru-hike: from the thrills of High Sierra passes to the frustrations of the United States Postal Service (if you don’t yet understand, you will).

Erin’s (Hummingbird’s) chronicles her 2013 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. Interesting. Do we know anyone else who hiked the PCT in 2013? Maybe someone called Mac?

Yes, when you pick up and start reading, you can expect to find sprinkles of me throughout the pages – although this is far from the most exciting part of Hummingbird’s journey (you’ll even discover how I came to be Mac in the first place – and what I almost became instead).